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April & May Featured Specimen

This edition we feature a chrysoberyl twin from Brazil. [more…]

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Excellent Birds: Carvings of the Klein Family of Idar-Oberstein

Pala International has commissioned a new gem carving collection: hummingbirds. Bill Larson explains… [more…]

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Twelfth Annual Sinkankas Symposium – Apr 5, 2014

This year's theme focuses on peridot and green-colored gems that have lower public recognition than their more illustrious counterparts. [more…]

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Houston Fine Mineral Show: April 25–27, 2014

Later this month, purveyors and procurers of first-rate mineral specimens will be heading to Houston for the Fine Mineral Show.. [more…]

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Mineral & Gem à Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines: June 26–29, 2014

Before the show, check out our friend Alain Martaud’s limited-edition book, The Minerals of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. [more…]

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Terra Antiqua: Fire and Water

Researchers place a zircon’s birth in the late Hadean eon, when the Earth was just starting to cool. And a diamond’s inclusion points to water in the planet’s mantle. [more…]

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A Drought with a Golden Lining

California’s record-setting rainfall lows have benefited one group: the state’s gold prospectors. [more…]

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Pala Presents: Gem- and Lithium-Bearing Pegmatites of the Pala District – Part 4

This study was conducted in the late 1940s by Richard Jahns and Lauren Wright. A total of 39 weeks of field work was done examining 350 dikes. [more…]

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• Denver Museum Debuts New Hall, Collection Housing

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